One on One Photoshoot

This can be any thing, place, or person that you want high-quality photos of. We plan a location, setup needed equipment, then go from there. Outdoors, indoors, studio setting, whatever you are looking for.

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Action Shots

A sporting event or activity you want photos of. This is my specialty and I have the equipment to take high-quality action shots. Whether it's an action sport, individual sport, or team sport, I have you covered.

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Website Photos

Have a website in need of some photos that pop? This service allows you to get personalized photos of your business and/or products to help you market your business better.

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The Joy of Images

I look at the subject, move to the left, then back to the right to find the perfect angle, adjust the lighting for the ideal hue, waiting for the ideal moment and then with a press of my finger a whole lot of magic happens. At this moment, many series of events take place. Light comes into a perfectly focused lens, it lands on a highly sensitive and high-tech sensor, then gets converted into 25 or so million of pixels to create a stunning image.

This process is what excites me every time I put my finger on the shutter button. I have done it many thousands of times and each time is a new experience that can never be repeated no matter how hard I try. This makes each photo a one of a kind original creation. And that is why I love photography as much as I do.

AJ Turndown