I got a new lens today.

Good cameras are important, but what really matters is the lens. I was shopping around to get a good zoom lens and I wanted at least 300mm. Today I found a like new lens that was used and quite a few hundred dollars less than a new one of equal quality.

New Lens
It feels funny to take a picture of a camera with another camera, in this case, my cell phone.

So, on new lens day, I decided to take some photos to see what this bad boy can do! At first, I wanted to see how well it shoots from far away. I started looking around and off in the distance I saw an American flag flapping in the wind. I thought, how perfect! It’s Memorial Day weekend so why not get a good shot of the flag? I started shooting and had to take quite a few pictures to get the flag just the way I wanted it as is was moving around quite a bit. And I pulled off this shot!

American Flag
Old Glory! Taken with the zoom set at 300mm.

The colors are so good! I am very happy with how this turned out! So I started to see what the macro feature of this new lens can do. I set it up for macro and set focus to manual so I could focus on the exact spot I wanted. I saw a tree nearby with little flowers and berries starting to grow on it. I took several pictures adjusting the macro and focus and then managed to get this photo of a tiny new flower growing on this tree.

Taken in macro. Not sure what the settings were at the time.

Being that I got both of these pictures in one day on my new lens, I am rather stoked to see what else this lens can do! The autofocus is fast, so I really want to get out and take some actions shots and also get some good shots of wildlife. I will post more images with this new lens when I get them.

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