My New Camera!

I recently updated my Sony DSLR camera and wow can I tell a difference! I personally never thought much about Sony when it comes to professional quality DSLR cameras, but once I found out Sony purchased Minolta, I quickly realized they were serious about quality cameras.

My first camera was a Pentax back in the 80s. I had a few versions of Pentax cameras in the pre-digital camera age. ¬†In the late 90’s I purchased my first digital point and shoot camera, it was a Sony Cybershot. It actually worked okay but wasn’t even close to being as good as my Pentax, so I continued to shoot film for quite a while after that. ¬†Throughout most of the 2000s, I was too busy doing web application development to focus much on photography. Although, I have shot many 1000s of photos simply due to the fact that my phone has a camera and Facebook, Instagram, and all the other social media sites have become the norm. But around 2010 I got a Sony A58 Sony DSLR and I was back to shooting with a nice camera again. It was a very nice camera and I purchased a few nice lenses for it so I could shoot what I wanted. But it was limited in features and although it could shoot really nice high-quality photos, it wasn’t fast enough for some of the action shots I wanted to take. So traded it in and upgraded to a Sony A77. With this new camera, my options are unlimited. It has many more focus points, shoots 12 frames per second, and can be shot in many modes, including full manual which is essential for any photographer who wants to get ultra creative.

I have more cameras in the future, but for now, this camera takes me to the next level! I am very excited to see what I can do with this thing!

Full Moon
Shot of the full moon taken with my new Sony A77

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