PhotoShop is a great tool for Photographers!

As I rode my bike today I saw a great view of downtown Minneapolis from the West side of Lake Calhoun. I always have my camera with me and even though a photo from this angle is quite common, it’s the way the clouds and the sky looked that made me stop and take photos.

Shad At Minneapolis
Added myself to a photo of Minneapolis I took today.

Later when I was home I was playing around with some features on PhotoShop and was working on removing backgrounds. So why not paste myself in front of the city I love so much?! Below is the original photo.

Shad At The Factory

It’s fun to be able to do this sort of thing. It also comes in useful for marketing images and website photos. So time to go play with this some more. Just thought I would share in my excitement about my drive to always learn new skills!

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